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1. You fill out a brief symptom checklist about the previous week in the lobby.
2. We start the session at the appointment time, and welcome you in the office and we handle the payment, scheduling, and any other administrative issues. This process takes up to 5 minutes.
3. We start the session and give you feedback about the checklist, your current progress, and note any issues on which we may wish to focus in the session.
4. We also discuss any issues and/or lessons from the previous session.
5. We go over homework from the previous session.
6. Together we set the agenda about what to work on for the current session.
7. We work on those agenda items for the majority of the session.
8. Approximately 5 minutes before the ending time, we wrap up the session, elicit feedback about the session, and assign homework to do over the next week.  We will end promptly at the conclusion of 50 minutes.

Last updated on February 8, 2013 by Gregory L. Cason, Ph.D.