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Due to the proliferation of "emotional service animals" by people who do not have a mental health disability and/or use animals that are not properly trained to be service animals, I maintain a strict policy for service animal letters. 

To get a letter for an emotional service animal, I require:
1. You are a current client (not a new client).
2. You have a suitable mental health disability that requires a service animal.
3. You have documentation and are able to demonstrate that your service is trained to perform work or a task to service that disability.

These are the minimum training standards for dogs from Assistance Dogs International: http://bit.ly/29zSHfO

If you are requesting a letter for the purpose of airline flight, these are the general requirements to fly with a service animal for an emotional disability: http://bit.ly/29y2vEC You will need to check with your specific airline about their requirements. Please note that international flights often have stricter standards.



Last updated on July 10, 2016 by Gregory L. Cason, Ph.D.